Microsoft Azure Training Certification Course in Ireland for Administrator

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This Microsoft Azure Training Course in Ireland prepares you for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification – AZ 104. You can also learn about different aspects of Azure Cloud Architecture and how to deploy them on Azure through live instructor-led sessions at Attari Classes. Among the topics covered in the course are IAM, Subscription Management, Virtual Networking, Storage, Networking, Azure AD, Virtual Machines, Load Balancer, Scaling, VPN, Disaster Recovery, Migrating servers to Azure, Integrating on-premise networks with Azure Cloud, and Cost Saving Skills. A highly scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant design will be created using the Azure Cloud platform. Mentorship from top-rated professionals will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of Azure. Advance your career with this Microsoft Azure course in Ireland.

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Microsoft Azure Certification Course Overview

  • This Azure Training Program will help you Master the skills needed to operate Cloud Infrastructure and prepare you for the Azure Administrator Certification Exam AZ 104.
  • You will get hands-on experience on Networking, Storage, Compute, Virtual Network(VNet), VPN, Firewall,  DNS, Traffic Manager, Site Recovery, Virtual Machine, Entra ID, Access Management, Identities, Scaling, DNS, Load Balancing, AD Connect, Migration and much more.
  • Certified Azure professionals tend to earn higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. These certifications can be a valuable asset for negotiating higher pay.
  • Earning certifications can help you stay current with the rapidly evolving technology landscape.
  • Advantages of Azure Certification Training in Ireland

    Azure Cloud Administrator are in demand, the obvious benefit derived for a professional having an Azure Certification is to gain suitable and lucrative employment

  • Who Should go for Azure AZ-104 Training in Ireland?

    System Administrators, Network Engineers, Database Adminstrators, Senior Desktop Engineer , Managers having understanding of Server  can go ahead with this Course

  • How will Azure Certification Course help in career

    Azure is one of the leading cloud platform, having skill on Azure Administration can help you in getting good opportunities in todays Cloud market

  • Azure Administrator Training Course Content

  • Module 1:- Azure Cloud Computing Basics

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Azure Cloud Architecture, Subscription, Support Plan, Resource Group, and Tags

    • Overview of Azure Cloud
    • Azure Free Tier Account Creation
    • Azure Cloud Architecture
    • Azure Subscription
    • Need of Azure Support Plan and Type of Support Plan
    • Importance of Azure Resource Group
    • Creating, Managing and Deleting Azure Resource Group
    • Adding Azure Tags to Azure Resources
  • Module 2:- Identity and Access Management (IAM), Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Entra ID (Previously Azure AD)

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Identity and Access Management (IAM), Azure Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Difference between RBAC Role and Entra ID Role, how to add custom domain to Entra ID, how to give access of your azure account to other users and how to setup MFA

    • What is Microsoft Entra ID
    • User Creation in Microsoft Entra ID
    • Giving Microsoft Entra ID Roles  to user
    • Adding Custom Domain in Microsoft Entra ID
    • How to buy Custom Domain from Domain Registrar
    • Identity and Access Management (IAM) Overview
    • Need of Azure Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Understanding Roles in RBAC
    • Assigning RBAC Roles to user
    • How to recover deleted user from Microsoft Entra ID
    • Difference between Microsoft Entra ID Role and  RBAC Role
    • Type of Scope where you can Assign RBAC Roles
    • Enable Multi Factor Authentication(MFA) for user
  • Module 3:- Azure Virtual Machine (VM), Azure Networking, Availability Zone and Availability Set

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about creating a Highly Available Design using concept of Availability Set and Availability Zone and Deploy Virtual Machine in Availability Zone and Availability Set

    • Understand Azure Region, Location and Geography
    • Need of Availability Set in Azure
    • Create Availability Set in Azure and Deploy Virtual Machine in Availability Set
    • Understand Fault Domain and Update Domain concept in Availability Set
    • Need of Azure Proximity Placement
    • Create Proximity Placement and attach to Availability Set
    • Importance of Availability Zone in Azure
    • Deploy Virtual Machine in Availability Zone
    • Difference Between Availability Zone and Availability Set
    • Understand Virtual Network (VNET) and Subnet
    • Create Virtual Network (VNET) and Subnet
    • Deploy Virtual Machine in VNET and Subnet
    • Change Azure Virtual Machine Size and Family Type
    • Understand Concept of STOPPED versus DEALLOCATE in Azure Virtual Machine
    • Configure Boot Diagnostic in Azure Virtual Machine
    • Configuring Auto-shutdown to save cost of  Azure Virtual Machine
    • Reset User Password of  Azure Virtual Machine
  • Module 4:- Azure NSG (Firewall), NIC (LAN Card) and Public IP

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will be introduce to Azure Virtual Machine Components like NSG (Firewall), NIC (LAN Card), and Public IP Address 

    • Azure Virtual Machine Network Interface(LAN Card)
    • Moving Azure Virtual Machine to Different Subnet
    • Changing Azure Virtual Machine Private IP
    • Setting Custom DNS in Azure Virtual Machine
    • Azure Virtual Machine Public IP 
    • Dissociating Azure Virtual Machine Public IP
    • Understanding  Network Security Group (NSG)
    • Attaching NSG to Azure Virtual Machine
    • Attaching NSG to Subnet
    • Understanding NSG Default Rule
    • Creating Custom Rule in NSG
    • Understanding Concept of NSG Inbound and Outbound Rule
    • Create Rule using Priority Number
    • Create Allow and Deny NSG Rule
  • Module 5:- Azure VM Routing, VNET Peering and NAT Gateway

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how Routing happen in Azure and Create Peering between different Virtual Network (VNET) and Implement NAT Gateway 

    • How one Virtual Machine Communicate with other Virtual Machine in Azure
    • What is Route Table in Azure
    • Default Route Table and Custom Route Table
    • Create Route Table and attach to Subnet
    • Need of VNET Peering
    • Performing VNET Peering
    • Local Peering and Global Peering
    • Need of NAT Gateway
    • Implement NAT Gateway
    • Attach NAT Gateway to Subnet
  • Module 6:- Azure Managed Disk, Image, Snapshot and Locks

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Azure Disk and Disk Type and how to create snapshot, create Image and protect your resources using locks

    • What is Azure Managed Disk
    • Disk Type Premium/Standard SSD & Standard HDD
    • Concept of IOPS and Throughput in Disk
    • Understand Type of Disk – Operating System Disk (OS), Temporary Disk & Data Disk
    • Increase Size of OS and Data Disk
    • Create and Attach Data Disk to Azure Virtual Machine
    • What is Azure Snapshot
    • Azure Snapshot Type
    • Create Azure  Snapshot from Disk
    • What is Azure Image
    • Generalize the Virtual Machine and  Create Azure Image 
    • Difference between Azure Image and Snapshot
    • Need of Azure Locks and there Types
    • Apply different Type of Lock to Resource Group
  • Module 7:- Azure Cost Calculation and Cost Saving Techniques

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Azure Virtual Machine, Disk, and Public IP Cost Calculation using Azure Pricing Calculator

    • How to Use Azure Cloud in a cost saving way
    • How Virtual Machine Pricing is calculated
    • How to save cost in Prod and Non-Prod Virtual Machine
    • Reservation of Virtual Machine in Azure
    • Concept of Azure Hybrid Benefits in saving cost
    • Using Spot Virtual Machine for Non Prod Virtual Machine
    • Understanding Pricing of Disk and Public IP
    • Configure Azure Budget
    • Understand Azure Cost Management
    • Use Azure Pricing Calculator for cost calculation
  • Module 8:- Azure Virtual Machine Backup & Restore and Azure Site Recovery (Disaster Recovery)

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to create Backup of Azure Virtual Machine and Restore using Azure Backup and how to setup a DR (Disaster Recovery) Plan using Azure Site Recovery

    • Create Recovery Service Vault for Virtual Machine Backup
    • How Azure Backup Works
    • Understanding Backup Redundancy options like LRS and GRS
    • Take Backup of Azure Virtual Machine
    • Understand Concept of Azure Backup Instant Restore
    • Restore Virtual Machine from Backup
    • Restore File from Backup
    • Soft Delete in Azure Backup
    • How Azure Site Recovery Works
    • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan
    • Select the Primary & Secondary Region
    • Initiate Replication from Primary to Secondary Region
    • Perform Failover in Azure Site Recovery
  • Module 9:- Azure Load Balancer, Traffic Manager and DNS
    Azure Load Balancer, Traffic Manager and DNS
    • How Load Balancer Works
    • Public and Private Load Balancer
    • Installing IIS Role in Virtual Machine
    • Create Backend Pool, Health Probe and Load Balancing Rule in Load Balancer
    • Create NAT Rule in Load Balancer
    • Understand Working of Azure Traffic Manager
    • Use Traffic Manager for DR Scenario
    • Perform Traffic Management on Internet using Traffic Manager
  • Module 10:- Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set and Automate Deployment using JSON Template

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to keep your design highly available using Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set and how to use scale set to increase or decrease number of Virtual Machine and you will be introduce to Infrastructure as a Code using JSON Template which is useful for repeated deployment

    • How Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set Works
    • Create Virtual Machine Scale Set
    • Create a Scale in and Scale out policy
    • See in action VM scale in and Scale out operation
    • Automate Deployment using JSON Template
    • Create Virtual Machine and Storage using JSON Template
  • Module 11:- Azure Storage Account, Azure CDN, Azure File Share and AZCOPY Tool

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to create Azure Storage Account, How to access Storage Account, how to put data in Azure storage Account, how to copy data between storage account using AZCOPY tool, how to use CDN (Content Delivery Network), further we will have a look on File share

    • What is Azure Storage Account

    • Premium and Standard Storage Options

    • Hot/Cool and Archive Tier in Storage Account

    • Type of Replication in Storage Account


    • Azure Storage Endpoints

    • Access keys and Shared Access Signature of Azure Storage Account

    • Access Azure Storage Account using Storage Explore

    • Azure CDN(Content Delivery Network)

    • Create Azure File Share

    • Azure Storage Account Life Cycle

    • Copy Data between storage accounts using AZCOPY Tool

  • Module 12:- Azure VPN/Express Route, Entra ID Connect (Previously Azure AD Connect)

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to connect your office with Azure Cloud using Azure VPN Gateway and then you will learn about connecting on-premises Domain Controller with Microsoft Entra ID using Entra ID Connect, so that the user have single sign on experience

    • How to connect On-Premises Office with Azure Cloud using VPN
    • Create Azure VPN Gateway
    • Create Fortigate Firewall
    • Create Site to Site VPN Tunnel
    • Understand Azure Express Route
    • Difference between VPN and Express Route
    • Understand Entra ID Connect
    • Implement Single-Sign-On using Entra ID Connect
    • Use Entra ID Connect Password Hash Authentication
    • Perform Synchronization between On-Premises Domain Controller and Entra ID
  • Module 13:- Azure Bastion, Azure Monitor, Azure Policy and Powershell

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to secure your VM by not exposing RDP ports to the outside world, you will learn about Azure Monitor service which is used to send Alert , you will create Virtual Machine using PowerShell and you will learn about Azure Policy for  compliance

    • Secure Virtual Machine Access using Azure Bastion
    • Create Azure Bastion
    • Need of Azure Monitor
    • Create an Alert for Virtual Machine Restart
    • Perform Monitoring of  Azure Virtual Machine
    • Create Azure Policy for maintaining compliance
    • Create Virtual Machine and Storage using PowerShell
    • Transfer Snapshot from one Region to another Region using PowerShell
  • Module 14:- Migration to Azure Clouds

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will get overview of Azure Cloud Migration

    • Overview of Migration process to Azure Cloud 
    • Create Azure Migrate Service
    • Concept of Discovery and Replication Server in Migration
    • Understanding Discovery, Assess, Replication and Migration
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    FAQs on Microsoft Azure Administrator Training & Certification

  • Who should take the Microsoft Azure course?

      This online Azure training certification course in Mumbai is ideal for administrators and engineers, system administrators looking to expand into Azure, IT professionals. 

  • What is the duration of the Azure Training Certification in Ireland?

      About 40 hours. 

  • Do | get certificate after completion of the Microsoft Azure course?

      You will receive an Microsoft Azure certification in Mumbai once you complete the course through Attari Classes. 

  • How difficult is to pass Azure Cloud Certification exam in Ireland?

      Our training prepares you to pass Azure Cloud, we provide you with practice test so that you get idea on exam question pattern and easily pass the Azure Cloud exam in Ireland

  • What is the Microsoft Azure market trend in Ireland?

      As in Ireland software industry is notably increasing in adopting new trends, obviously IT companies opt virtualization. So proportionately there will be a huge requirement for Azure certified professional

  • Does Attari Classes offers placement in Ireland after Microsoft Azure course completion?

      Attari Classes is one of the best learning platforms, we make you Job ready. Since there is a big demand for IT professionals, as opening arises lots of recruitment firms and our ex-students contact us, we help our students who are looking for job to connect to prospective employers. We also help our students prepare their resumes and provide assistance for interview preparation, if you go through the course diligently you will be in a very good position to crack the interviews yourself and find a well-paid job, matching your profile.

  • Is it possible for a beginner to get an Azure certification in Ireland?

      Atari Classes offer cloud computing or web service training to interested people, so there is no doubt that we provide Azure certification in Ireland to beginners. 

  • What is the cost of Azure training in Ireland? What are the payment options?

      We can help you with the Azure certification cost in Ireland by contacting us or filling out an inquiry form. Payments can be made by debit card, credit card, net banking, and UPI 

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