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Microsoft Azure Training Course from Attari Classes will help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification – AZ 104 , with Attari Classes live instructor-led sessions, you will be able to master various aspects of Azure Cloud Architecture and Deploy them on Azure. You will learn skills like IAM, Subscriptions Management, Virtual Network, Storage, Networking, Azure AD, Virtual Machines, Load Balancer, Scaling, VPN, Disaster Recovery, Migrating servers to Azure, Integrating on-premise networks with Azure Cloud, Cost Saving Skills and much more. You will work with various services of the Azure Cloud platform and create highly scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant design. Learn from top-rated mentors to become an Azure Certified Administrator. Enroll for this Microsoft Azure course today and get a head start in your career.

Azure Cloud Course
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Microsoft Azure Training Key Features
Instructor led live Training
Hands-on Practical Training
Trainer Support on WhatsApp
Recorded lectures on LMS
Access to Learning Portal
Certificate from Attari classes
Access to forum for new Job Openings
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Microsoft Azure Certification Course Overview

  • This Azure Training Program will help you Master the skills needed to operate the Cloud Infrastructure and also prepare you for Azure Administrator Certification Exam – AZ 104.
  • You will get hands-on experience on Networking , Storage, Compute , Virtual Network(VNet), VPN, Firewall,  DNS, Traffic Manager, Site Recovery, Virtual Machine, Active Directory, Access Management , Identities, Scaling , DNS, Load Balancing, AD Connect, Migration and much more.
  • Certified Azure professionals tend to earn higher salaries than their non-certified counterparts. These certifications can be a valuable asset for negotiating higher pay.
  • Microsoft regularly updates its certification exams to reflect the latest features and services on the Azure platform. Earning certifications can help you stay current with the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Azure Cloud Administrator are in demand, the obvious benefit derived for a professional having an Azure Certification is to gain suitable and lucrative employment

System Administrators, Network Engineers, Database Adminstrators, Senior Desktop Engineer , Managers having understanding of Server  can go ahead with this Course

Azure is one of the leading cloud platform, having skill on Azure Administration can help you in getting good opportunities in todays Cloud market

Azure Administrator Training Course Content

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Azure Cloud Computing Basics, Creation of Azure Free Trial Account, Understanding of Azure Architecture, Protecting your resource group using locks and Accessing Azure Services through Azure Portal

  • What is Cloud Computing
  • Overview of Azure Cloud
  • Azure Free Tier Account Creation
  • Azure Support Plan
  • Azure Help & Support Request
  • Azure Resource Group
  • Azure Locks
  • Azure Tags
  • Azure Subscriptions

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Identity and Access Management (IAM), Azure Roles and How to give access of your azure account to other users

  • What is Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Assigning Azure Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to user
  • What is Microsoft Entra ID(Azure Active Directory)
  • Microsoft Entra ID User Creation
  • Enable Multi Factor Authentication(MFA) for user
  • Adding Custom Domain in Microsoft Entra ID
  • How to recover deleted user from Microsoft Entra ID
  • Giving Microsoft Entra ID Roles  to user
  • Microsoft Entra ID Role versus RBAC Role

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Azure Region, difference in Availability Set and Availability Zone, Creation of Azure Networking and Azure Virtual Machine

  • Azure Region
  • Azure Location
  • Azure Geography
  • Availability Set in Azure
  • Azure Fault Domain and Update Domain
  • Azure Proximity Placement
  • Availability Zone in Azure
  • Azure VNET and Subnet
  • Azure VM and there SLA
  • Size and Family Type of Azure VM
  • Stopped versus De allocate in Azure VM
  • Azure VM Boot Diagnostic
  • Auto-shutdown Azure VM
  • Resizing Azure VM
  • Reset User Password in Azure VM
  • Azure VM Best Practices and Pricing

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Azure VM Components like NIC, NSG and Public IP Address

  • Azure VM Network Interface
  • Moving Azure VM to Different Subnet
  • Changing Azure VM Private IP
  • Setting Custom DNS in Azure VM
  • Azure VM Public IP 
  • Dissociating Azure VM Public IP
  • Azure VM Network Security Group (NSG)
  • Attaching NSG to Azure VM
  • Attaching NSG to Subnet
  • NSG Default Rule and Custom Rule
  • NSG Inbound and Outbound Rule
  • NSG Priority Number in Rule
  • NSG Allow and Deny Rule

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how Routing happen in Azure and Create Peering between different VNET  and troubleshoot common issues related to VM 

  • What is Route Table in Azure
  • Default Route Table and Custom Route Table
  • Create Route Table and attach to Subnet
  • Create Public and Private Subnet
  • Need of VNET Peering
  • Performing VNET Peering
  • Troubleshooting common issue related to VM Access

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Azure Disk and Disk Type and how to create snapshot and Image from Disk

  • What is Azure Managed Disk
  • Disk Type Premium/Standard SSD & Standard HDD
  • Disk IOPS and Throughput
  • Operating System Disk, Temporary Disk & Data Disk
  • Attach Data Disk to Azure VM
  • Increase Size of OS and Data Disk
  • What is Snapshot
  • Azure Snapshot Type
  • Creating Snapshot from Disk
  • What is Image
  • Creating Image 
  • Managed Disk, Image, Snapshot  Pricing

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about multiple ways to save cost in Azure

  • How to Use Azure Cloud in a cost saving way
  • Reservation of VM  in Azure
  • Azure Hybrid Benefits
  • Spot VM
  • Azure Budget Setting
  • Azure Cost Management
  • Azure Calculator
  • How to calculate cost of multiple Azure Service

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to create Backup of Azure VM and Restore using Azure Backup and how to setup a DR (Disaster Recovery) Plan using Azure Site Recovery

  • Create Recovery Service Vault
  • How Azure Backup Works
  • Take Backup of Azure VM
  • Understanding Backup Redundancy options
  • Azure Backup Instant Restore
  • Restore VM from Backup
  • Restore File from Backup
  • Soft Delete in Azure Backup
  • How Azure Site Recovery Works
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Select the Primary & Secondary Region
  • Initiate Replication from Primary to Secondary Region
  • Perform Failover in Azure Site Recovery

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to create Load Balancer in Azure and Perform Traffic Management using Azure Traffic Manager and use of Azure Global DNS

  • How Load Balancer Works
  • Public and Private Load Balancer
  • Installing IIS Role in VM
  • Create Backend Pool, Health Probe and Load Balancing Rule
  • Importance of NAT & Create NAT Rule
  • How Azure DNS and Traffic Manager Works
  • Perform Traffic Management using Traffic Manager

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to create Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set and see the VM scale in and out in action when the traffic increases or decreases on VM

  • How Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set Works
  • Create Virtual Machine Scale Set
  • Create a Scale in and Scale out policy
  • See in action VM scale in and Scale out operation

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to create Azure Storage Account, How to access Storage Account, how to put data in Azure storage Account, how to use CDN (Content Delivery Network), further we will have a look on File share

  • What is Azure Storage Account
  • Premium and Standard Storage Options
  • Hot/Cool and Archive Tier in Storage Account
  • Type of Replication in Storage Account
  • Azure Blob and Type of Blob Container
  • Azure Storage Endpoints
  • Access keys and Shared Access Signature of Azure Storage Account
  • Access Azure Storage Account using Storage Explorer
  • Azure CDN(Content Delivery Network)
  • Azure File Share
  • Azure Storage Account LifeCycle
  • Transfer data to Azure Storage Account using AZCOPY Tool

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to connect your office with Azure Cloud using Azure VPN Gateway and then you will learn about connecting on-premises Domain Controller with Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) using AD Connect, so that the user have single sign on experience

  • How to connect On-Premises Office with Azure Cloud using VPN
  • Create Azure VPN Gateway
  • Create Fortigate Firewall
  • Create Site to Site VPN Tunnel
  • Azure Express Route
  • Azure AD Connect
  • Implement Single-Sign-On using Azure AD Connect
  • Azure AD Connect Password Hash Authentication
  • Azure AD Synchronization with On-Premises Domain Controller
  • How to buy Custom Domain from Domain Registrar

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to secure your VM by not exposing RDP ports to the outside world, you will learn how to automate task in azure and you will learn about Azure Monitor service which is used to send Alert , you will create resource using Powershell and we will learn about Azure Policy for compliance

  • Need of Azure Automation
  • Create Azure Automation Account
  • Auto Start VM using Azure Automation
  • Need of Azure Bastion
  • Secure VM Access using Azure Bastion
  • Need of Azure Monitor
  • Create an Alert 
  • Perform Monitoring on Azure VM

Learning Objective: In this Module you will get overview of Azure Cloud Migration

  • Overview of Migration process to Azure Cloud 

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    Azure Adminstrator Projects Covered
    Creating VM(Virtual Machine) in Azure Cloud
    Read More
    • Selecting Proper Region
    • Putting the VM in Availability Set/Availability Zone
    • Chosing the Right VM Size
    • Taking RDP of Access of VM created in Azure Cloud
    Perform Peering between two Vnet
    Read More
    • Creating two Vnet in same region
    • Sending Peering request from one Vnet to another vnet
    • Checking the Peering status
    • Checking the Routing Table after Peering
    Taking Backup of VM in Azure
    Read More
    • Create A VM in Azure Cloud
    • Create a Recovery Service Vault
    • Create a Backup Policy
    • Take Backup of the VM
    • Restore file from Backup
    • Restore entire VM from Backup
    Perform Site recovery (Disaster Recovery) in Azure
    Read More
    • Create A VM in Azure Cloud
    • Create a Recovery Service Vault in Secondary Region
    • Create a replication Policy
    • Start Replication from Primary to Secondary Region
    • Pefrom Failover of VM from Primary to Secondary Region
    LoadBalancer in Action
    Read More
    • Create 2 VM in Azure
    • Install IIS role in the VM
    • Create a Loadbalancer
    • Attach the VM to backend of load balancer
    • See Load Balancing in Action
    Scale Set
    Read More
    • Create a Scale Set
    • Create a Scale in/out Policy
    • Specify minimum and maximum number of VM
    • Put CPU Stress on VM
    • See Scale Set in Action
    Azure Storage Account
    Read More
    • Select the Region for Storage Account
    • Select the Performance Tier
    • Select the Replication Type
    • Access the Storage Account using Storage Explorer
    Azure VPN
    Read More
    • Create Azure VPN Gateway
    • Create a Fortigate Firewall
    • Create Site to Site VPN Tunnel
    • Check the VPN Tunnel Status
    Azure AD Connect
    Read More
    • Create a Domain Controller
    • Install AD Connect Service
    • Sync Domain Controller users to Azure AD
    • Check Single Sign on
    Migration from AWS to AZURE
    Read More
    • Create a EC2 in AWS
    • Create Migrate Project in Azure
    • Create Process Server
    • Perform Discovery of Server
    • Start Migration from AWS to Azure
    • Check the VM Performance after Migration
    Our Microsoft Azure Certified Professional Students
    Azure Course Testimonials & Reviews
    Rakesh Mishra
    Rakesh Mishra
    Read More
    I did MS Azure from Arttari and can say Attari IT training is one of best online training, Zameer Sir is well experienced and very student friendly and try always to support student, Highly recommend for online learning for IT infrastructure related courses.
    Prashant Shirole
    Prashant Shirole
    Read More
    Thank you Atttari Classes for a great online course(AZ-104). Great presentation style by Zameer Sir with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples along with online practicals during the training which all made for a really enjoyable and informative course." "This has more than met my expectations."
    wasim kutty
    wasim kutty
    Read More
    Attari Classes is Best Classes For MCSE / CCNA / MCSA / Azure / VMware / AWS. I have completed My Azure Training and very happy and satisfy with course quality and content. I was wondering how practical will happen as it was my 1st online course but The Trainer Zameer Sir is one of the Best teacher, many times if we stuck or got confused in something he help us by taking remote during online classes to make us understand well. Even after classed if we stuck somewhere in practice he guide us on WhatsApp and I really appreciate his help and effort for student. I am grateful to you for everything you taught us. one of the best think about Attari classes is LMS, whole course content whatever in online classes is also available on LMS so you can practice by playing online live recorded lecture and can study PDF study material whenever you want. I would like to Thanks Attari classes for inventing this very Helpful feature. if you want to learn best quality content related to MCSE / CCNA / MCSA / Azure / VMware / AWS I would recommend Attari Classes they are best in teaching.
    Ajmal M A
    Ajmal M A
    Read More
    I have enrolled for azure administrator course and is nearing to an end. The trainer Mr. Zameer make sure all the attendees are able to understand the concepts on the course through a hands on experience and also helps them with the practicals when we are stuck. They provide the access to lms, which helps us to practice and refresh what is studied. This helped me alot. Am also planning to do more courses with them. Thanks for the amazing support from attari classes.
    vaibhav shirodkar
    vaibhav shirodkar
    Read More
    azure training is best at attari classes.the way zameer sir explains concept is exceptional. full hands on practical is provided.attari classes follows a very different approach i.e 85% practical and 15% theory which is very good.
    shalikh wadekar
    shalikh wadekar
    Read More
    I took VMware training from Attari Classes long ago and it helped me alot in my professional growth, I already knew the teaching way of Maqsood Sir so there was no second thought before joining AWS batch, even though it was online session due to Pandemic it was 100% interactive and completely hands-on session with real life examples. No matter the number of time you ask question Sir make sure to clear them out and if someone get stuck during practicals Sir make sure to take the remote and guide them to fix the problems so that no one stays behind. And LMS (Learning Management System) in the other hand is great facility provided by Attari Classes, If in case you didn't understand something or miss the lecture it really helps to cover those topics. Tip and Tricks is the bonus 👌 Thank you so much Maqsood Sir and Attari Classes.
    Kalyan Naidu
    Kalyan Naidu
    Read More
    Azuure Online Training : Training is Unique, Zameer Sir is very unique in terms of providing Lab instructions and making students do the lab perfectly. I recommand Attarii Classes for any training now or in the future as well. Approach of training is awasome !!!!
    Akash Girdhar
    Akash Girdhar
    Read More
    My experience of AZURE training by Zameer sir was really amazing. He explains every topic in a detailed way and also very descriptive while sharing knowledge. A very calm and patient teacher, also helps to understand concepts deeply. My experience with Attari classes has been 10/10 till now as I have also done VMware training before which was with the expert Maqsood Sir!
    Microsoft Azure Training Batch Schedule
    Self Paced Training
    Online / Classroom Preferred
    3rd MAR
    SAT & SUN (5 WEEKS)Upcoming Weekend Batch
    8:00 AM to 12:00 PM (IST)
    27th JAN
    SAT & SUN (5 WEEKS) Batch Started
    1:30 PM to 5:30 PM (IST)

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    FAQs on Microsoft Azure Administrator Training & Certification

    We provide two modes of training
    1 . Instructor led live Online/Classroom training where you would be performing live practical along with Trainer, its an interactive session you can ask questions and resolve rqueries during the lectures
    2 . Self paced training where you can learn using Learning Managment Sytem (LMS), in LMS you will get get access to live Recorded lecture and Trainers notes, however if you wish you can upgarde to Instructor led training in fututre

    Yes you can switch from self-paced training to live instructor-led training by simply paying the difference in fees

    If our batch timing are not suitable or you want to learn fast at your own pace, you can learn using Learning Managment Sytem (LMS), in LMS you will get get access to live Recorded lecture and Trainers notes, however if you wish you can upgarde to Instructor led training in fututre

    If you go for Instructor led training , trainer provide support on Whatsapp, You will have direct access to Trainer Whatsapp number , For any queries you can ping trainer on Whatsapp

    Kindly contact support team +91-9987088551 to book seat for DEMO lecture

    Yes, upon completion of the course, you will get a course certificate from Attari Classes

    It will be an Interactive session, you would be performing live practiclals along with the Trainer We will guide you how to create FREE tier account in Azure Cloud

    No worries, along with the course you get free Access to Learning Managment Sytem (LMS), where you get topic wise live recorded lecture and trainers notes
    You can learn using LMS and be ready before the next lecture, for any queries you can ping trainer on WhatsApp
    Also you can attend the missed session of XYZ course, in any other live batch

    Call our Support desk on +91 9987088551 & our Techical Counsellor will guide you on your career path

    Yes we would provide you guidance and support for  passing the Azure Administrator – Az 104 Exam

    Our training prepares you to pass Azure Cloud, we provide you with practice test so that you get idea on exam question pattern and easily pass the Azure Cloud exam

    You can just search Attari Classes in Google to check reviews

    Attari Classes is one of the best learning platforms, we make you Job ready. Since there is a big demand for IT professionals, as opening arises lots of recruitment firms and our ex-students contact us, we help our students who are looking for job to connect to prospective employers. We also help our students prepare their resumes and provide assistance for interview preparation, if you go through the course diligently you will be in a very good position to crack the interviews yourself and find a well-paid job, matching your profile

    For Azure certification cost you can contact us or fill our enquiry form. You can make payment using Debit Card / Credit Card /Netbanking/ UPI.

    You will be working on exciting projects that will test your skills, learning capabilities, and practical knowledge, making you completely industry-ready.

    Timings for Azure batches can be found here.

    Azure training is offered by Attari Classes in some of the world’s most popular cities and countries like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Texas, Australia, Canada, Singapore and other top countries.

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