AWS Solutions Architect Training Certification Course in New York

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AWS training in New York offered by Attari Classes prepares you to architect and deploy secure cloud environments on AWS. We will cover cloud computing, VPC, S3, EC2, Autoscaling, RDS, and many other AWS services. You will create highly scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant designs using the AWS cloud platform. Learn from top-rated mentors to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Join our AWS courses in New York to get your career off to a good start.

AWS Training Key Features

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Amazon AWS Certification Course Overview

  • We are offering AWS certification cloud training led by industry Expert Instructors.
  • This Amazon AWS architect training will prepare you for the Solutions Architect certification exam.
  • You will learn skills such as AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Relational Database Service (RDS), Load Balancer with Auto Scaling, Route 53 (DNS Service) & Much more, by performing hands-on practicals wit the trainer
  • You will also learn the best practices to be followed while working on AWS projects in the industry.
  • In a competitive job market, having an AWS certification can make you stand out from other job applicants. It can give you an advantage when applying for cloud-related positions.
  • AWS certifications are recognized worldwide. This means your certification is valuable not only in your current location but also if you decide to work internationally.
  • Advantages of AWS Certification Training in New York.

    AWS Solutions Architects are in demand, the obvious benefit derived for a professional having an AWS certification is to gain suitable and lucrative employment

  • Who Should go for AWS Solution Architect Training in New York?

    System Administrators having understanding/exposure of Microsoft Windows Server or Linux Server operating systems

  • How will Cloud Certification Course help in career?

    Amazon Web Services is one of the leading cloud platform, having skill on AWS Solution Architect can help you in getting good opportunities in todays Cloud market

  • AWS Solutions Architect Classes Syllabus

  • Module 1:- AWS Cloud Computing Basics

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about AWS Cloud Computing Basics,
    Creation of a Free AWS Account, Understanding of AWS Architecture & Support Plan

    • Cloud Computing- IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
    • Overview of AWS Cloud
    • AWS Global Infrastructure
    • AWS Free Tier Account Creation
    • AWS Management Console
    • AWS Region
    • AWS Availability Zone(AZ)
    • AWS Support Plan
    • AWS Payment Method
    • Setting up Billing/Budget Alarm
  • Module 2:- Identity and Access Management (IAM)

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Identity and Access Management
    (IAM), AWS Roles/Permissions & How to give access of your AWS account to other users

    • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    • Create IAM Users & Group
    • Copy Permission from existing users
    • Applying Policies/Permission to Groups
    • IAM Users Sign-in Link
    • Set Password Policy for IAM Users
    • Activate Virtual Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA)
    • Create access keys, Activate/deactivate keys
  • Module 3:- Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn VPC, Subnet, CIDR and Difference in
    Default and Custom VPC

    • Basic of Networking
    • Virtual Private Cloud(VPC)
    • CIDR/IP Range & Subnet
    • Understanding & Working on Default VPC
    • Creating Custom VPC
    • Adding CIDR in VPC
    • Creating Subnet in VPC
  • Module 4:- Components of VPC i.e. Route Table, NACL, SG, Internet Gateway (IG)

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about various components of VPC

    • Understanding Route Table
    • Create Custom Route Table
    • Add Route in Route Table
    • Associating Subnet to Route Table
    • Internet Gateway
    • Create Custom Internet Gateway
    • Attach Internet Gateway to VPC
    • Security Group(SG)
    • Understanding Default SG
    • Create Custom SG
    • Create Inbound & Outbound Rule
    • Permit Rule in SG
    • NACL (Network Access control List)
    • Understanding Default NACL
    • Create Custom NACL
    • Create inbound & outbound rule
    • Associate NACL to Subnet
    • Difference Between NACL & SG
  • Module 5:- EC2

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about EC2 creation, EC2 families,
    Amazon Machine Image and EC2 Deletion

    • Basic of Virtualization
    • What is EC2
    • EC2 Instance Families
    • Amazon Machine Image(AMI) & AWS Marketplace
    • Delete on Termination settings
    • Launching an EC2 Instance
    • Create Public/Private Key Pair
    • EC2 SLA
    • Shared & Dedicated Host, dedicated Instance
    • EC2 Instance State
    • Stop & Start of EC2 Instance
    • EC2 Shutdown behavior
    • Enable EC2 Termination Protection
    • EC2 Elastic IP
    • EC2 Instance State
    • EC2 Hibernation
  • Module 6:- NAT Instance, NAT Gateway & VPC Peering

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn NAT Type & Peering between VPC

    • Need of NAT
    • Understanding of NAT Instance
    • Private & Public Subnet
    • Source/Destination Check setting
    • Understanding of NAT Gateway
    • Need of VPC Peering
    • Create Peering Connection and test
    • Editing Route Table for VPC peering to work
  • Module 7:- Elastic Block Storage (EBS) & Instance Store

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Type of Storages

    • What is EBS
    • Create EBS Volume
    • Type of EBS Volume
    • General Purpose & Provisioned IOPS SSD
    • Throughput Optimized & Cold HDD
    • What is Instance Store Volume
    • Persistent/Non-Persistent volume
    • Hot Add EBS Volume
    • Hot Extend & Modify EBS Volume
    • EBS Volume SLA
    • EBS Backed Instance & Instance Store Backed Instance
  • Module 8:- Reserved Instance, On Demand Instance, Saving Plans, Spot Instance

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about multiple ways to Save Cost in

    • EC2 Purchasing Options
    • On Demand Instance
    • Reserved Instance
    • Standard & Convertible EC2
    • EC2 Saving Plan
    • EC2 Spot Plan
    • Spot Instance Pricing History
    • Spot Instance Use Cases
  • Module 9:- ENI & Placement Groups

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about ENI & different types of Placement Groups

    • Elastic Network Interface(ENI)
    • Attach ENI to EC2
    • Assign Elastic IP to ENI
    • What is Placement Group
    • Need of Placement Group
    • Cluster Placement Group Spread Placement Group
    • Partition Placement Group
  • Module 10:- EBS Snapshot, EBS Volume Migration

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about EBS Snapshot

    • Create Snapshot of EBS Volumes
    • Restore Snapshot
    • Incremental Nature of snapshot
    • Copying Snapshot
    • Migrating EBS from one AZ to another AZ using Snapshot
    • Migrate EBS from one Region to another Region using Snapshot
  • Module 11:- EBS Encryption, KMS, Private & Public Snapshots, Sharing & Copying EBS Snapshot, Creating AMI

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about EBS Volume & Snapshot
    Encryption, the ways to share the snapshot in AWS, Encryption of Disk to protect data &
    Creation of AMI

    • What is Encryption
    • Key Management Service(KMS)
    • Encryption keys- Customer Managed Key & AWS Managed Key(Default key)
    • Encrypted EBS Volume
    • Encrypted Snapshot
    • Encryption At Rest
    • Encryption in Transit
    • Changing the Encryption State
    • Private and Public Snapshots
    • Sharing EBS Snapshot
    • Copying EBS Snapshotv
    • Creating Custom Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
    • De-Registering AMI
    • Deleting AMI
  • Module 12:- Elastic Load Balancer, Installing IIS, Testing Load Balancer & Auto scaling deep dive

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Load balancer & Auto Scaling

    • What is Load Balancer
    • Types of Load Balancer
    • Working on Classic Load balancer
    • ELB Nodes
    • Adding EC2 in Load balancer
    • Configuring health Check in ELB
    • Installing IIS in EC2
    • Test Load Balancer in Action
    • Need of Auto scaling
    • Auto Scaling Components
    • Launch Configuration
    • Auto Scaling Group
    • Auto Scaling Policies
    • Re Balancing in Auto Scaling
    • Cloud Watch with Auto Scaling
    • ELB with Auto Scaling
  • Module 13:- S3 storage, S3 objects Cross Region Replication, Hosting Website in S3, SNS, Relational Database RDS, Configure Active Standby RDS & Check Failover, Create Read Replica

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about S3, S3 Replication and Creation of Static Website using S3

    • Simple Storage Service – S3
    • S3 availability & Durability
    • S3 Bucket
    • Versioning in S3
    • Configuring Cross Region Replication
    • S3 Storage Class Type & SLA
    • Hosting Static Website in S3
    • Creating topic in Simple Notification Service (SNS)
    • Configuring Simple Notification Service (SNS) on S3
    • What is Relational database
    • Relational Database as a services (RDS)
    • Creating Active & Standby RDS
    • Multi-AZ Deployment of RDS
    • Perform Failover
    • Create Read Replica
    • Test using MySQL Workbench
  • Module 14:- Redshift, Kinesis, AWS Lambda, Dynamo DB, Route 53, Testing Routing Policies, Creating A Record, CNAME Record, Alias Record

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Global DNS & Different Type of Database

    • Redshift
    • Redshift Use Cases
    • What is Non-Relational Database
    • Dynamo dB
    • Dynamo dB Use Cases
    • Testing Dynamo dB
    • Kinesis
    • Kinesis Use Cases
    • Lambda
    • Lambda Use Cases
    • What is Route 53
    • Create Hosted Zone
    • Creating A & CNAME Record
    • Creating Alias record
    • How to register Domain name
    • Check Health of Resource
    • Test different routing policies
    • Using ELB in Route53
    • Using S3 in Route53
  • Module 15:- Cloud Front, Cloud Formation, SQS, Cloud Trail AD Connector, IAM Roles for EC2 and S3 access, On premises user Integration with Cloud(Hybrid Cloud),

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about use of CDN in cloud, logging &
    Messaging Service in AWS, Achieving SSO using AD Connector

    • CloudFront
    • Using S3 as CloudFront Edge Location
    • Create CloudFront
    • CloudFormation
    • Test Cloud Formation using JSON template
    • CloudTrail to Check Logs
    • What is Simple Queue Service(SQS)
    • Create a Queue & Send Message
    • Creation of Domain Controller (DC)
    • Creation of AD Connector
    • On Premises DC Integration using AD Connector
  • Module 16:- Deploying & Configuring Fortinet Firewall, VPG & VPN Setup, Letter of Sorry (Bill reversal)

    Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn how to connect your on premises office to AWS cloud using VPN and you will learn how to raise a Bill Reversal Request

    • Need of VPN
    • How to Setup VPN
    • Virtual Private Gateway(VPG)
    • Deploy Fortinet Fortigate Firewall
    • Configuring Firewall
    • Create Site – To – Site VPN Tunnel
    • Test connectivity using EC2 in 2 different regions
    • Request for Reversal of Charges
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    FAQs on Amazon AWS Training & Certification

  • Where can I study AWS course,in New York?

      You can enter Attari Classes if you're looking for a classroom-based training institute with specialised Lab facilities. 

  • How do I get the AWS technology industry certification?

      To receive an AWS credential, one can take the course and offer exams or they can enter Attari Classes for training and certification 

  • Which AWS certification is best in New York?

      There are many ways in New York that you can get the certificate from either online/offline mode. Contact Atari Classes to learn about the AWS course in more detail 

  • What will be the length of training for AWS?

      The AWS classes last approx 40 hrs. 

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the AWS course in New York?

      You will receive an AWS certification in New York once you complete the course through Attari Classes. 

  • Is it possible for a beginner to get an Amazon AWS certification in New York?

      Atari classes offer cloud computing or web service training to interested people, so there is no doubt that we provide AWS certification in New York to beginners. 

  • What is the cost of AWS certification in New York? What are the payment options?

      We can help you with the Amazon AWS certification cost in New York by contacting us or filing out an inquiry form. Payments can be made by debit card, credit card, net banking, and UPI.

  • Does Attari Classes offers placement in New York after AWS course completion?

      Atari Classes is one of the best learning platforms, we make you Job ready. Since there is a big demand for IT professionals, as ‘opening arises lots of recruitment firms and our ex-students contact us, we help our students who are looking for job to connect to prospective employers. We also help our students prepare their resumes and provide assistance for interview preparation, if you go through the course diligently you will be in a very good position to crack the interviews yourself and find a well-paid job, matching your profile

  • What are the Prerequisites to take this AWS Course?

      A basic understanding of AWS cloud computing will certainly help. Your knowledge of Networking, Visualization, DevOps and AWS services will help you comprehend the concepts more quickly.

  • Who should attend self-paced AWS training in New York?

      When our batch timings aren't suitable for you or you want to learn fast, you can learn using Learning Management System (LMS). Within LMS, you will access recorded lectures and trainer's notes; however, you can upgrade to instructor-led training later.

  • What is the AWS market trend in New York?

      As in New York software industry is notably increasing in adopting new trends, obviously IT companies opt virtualization. So proportionately there will be a huge requirement for AWS certified professionals. 

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