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Around the world, Microsoft Technology is widely used in many companies. Many hiring managers and recruiters are always looking for Microsoft certified system engineers who can work with Microsoft servers. With Attari Classes live instructor-led sessions, you will be able to master various aspects of Microsoft servers and Implement, Manage, Create, Deploy and Troubleshoot them. You will learn skills like Active Directory, DNS, NTFS Permission, Group Policy, Site Subnets, Replication, Child Domain, Forest, Trusts, DFS, DHCP, WDS, IIS, Failover Cluster, Migration and much more. You will get the hands-on experience to create highly scalable, highly available, fault-tolerant design. Learn from top-rated mentors to become an MCSE. Enroll for this MCSE / MCSA course in Kolkata today and move ahead in your career.

Introduction to MCSE Course
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MCSE / MCSA Training Key Features
Instructor led live Training
Hands-on Practical Training
Trainer Support on WhatsApp
Recorded lectures on LMS
Access to Learning Portal
Certificate from Attari classes
Access to forum for new Job Openings
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MCSE / MCSA Course Syllabus

  • During this MCSE/MCSA Training in Kolkata, you will learn how to install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Microsoft servers and gain hands-on experience working with multiple Microsoft technologies.
  • You will learn about Active Directory, DNS, NTFS permissions, Group Policy, site subnets, replication, child domains, forests, trusts, DHCP, WDS, IIS, Failover Clusters, and Migration during our MCSA and MCSE courses in Kolkata.

MCSE / MCSA certification in Kolkata is tailored to provide IT professionals with skills to build solutions both on-premises and in the cloud. MCSE opens doors to numerous benefits as well as new opportunities.

Graduates, Desktop Engineers or anyone looking to gain practical knowledge about servers can take this course.

You can get a job or advance your career as a System Administrator, Wintel Administrator, System Engineer, Data Centre Operator, IT Support Specialist, or System Analyst by taking a Microsoft-certified course in Kolkata.

MCSE Windows Server Training Course Content

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Server, Need of Server and  types of Windows Server Operating System, Disadvantages of Workgroup and Need of Domain Environment

  • What is Server
  • Client and Server Operating System
  • What is Workgroup and Domain
  • How a Workgroup Environment is Created
  • How a Domain Environment is Created
  • Difference between Workgroup and Domain
  • Types of Role in Server
  • Overview of VMware Workstation
  • Creation of Servers

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Active Directory Service, DNS Service, Creation of a Domain Controller and Creation of Users and Group

  • Understanding of Active Directory(AD) Service
  • Understanding of Domain Name System(DNS) Service
  • Checking the Port Numbers related to Service
  • Understanding  of Kerberos, LDAP
  • Troubleshooting using Ping and Telnet
  • Installing of Active Directory(AD) Service in Server
  • Creation of Domain Controller(DC)
  • Joining a PC to Domain Environment
  • Checking health of Active Directory Service(AD)
  • Understanding services of Active Directory(AD)
  • Creation of Users & Group in Active Directory(AD)
  • Adding Users in group in Active Directory(AD
  • Checking Disabled User

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about NTFS Permissions, ABE, FSRM and Shadow Copies

  • NTFS Permission(Share & Security)
  • Configuring Read/Write/Modify & Special Permission
  • Understanding Explicit & Inherited Permission
  • Configuring Access Based Enumeration(ABE)
  • Configuring Shadow Copies
  • Installation of FSRM(File Server Resource Manager)
  • Applying Soft & Hard Quota on Folder
  • Applying File Screening on Folder
  • Checking logs in EventViewer
  • Creation of Hidden Share

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about Group Policy in depth, Password Policy, Account Lock Policy, Delegation of User Management and Creation of OU

  • Need of Group Policy & How Group Policy Works
  • User Policy & Computer Policy
  • Default Domain Policy 
  • Group Policy Order and Precedence
  • Configuring Recycle Bin Policy & Wallpaper Policy
  • Setting up Screen Saver Policy
  • Need and Benefits of Organization Unit(OU) & Creation of OU
  • Blocking Inheritance & Enforce Policy
  • Software Installation using Group Policy
  • Group Policy Backup & Restore
  • Link and Unlink Group Policy
  • Prevent Policy Application using WMI Filter
  • Domain Password Policy & Fine Grain Password Policy
  • Configure Password Length, History & Complexity
  • Account Lock Policy and Account Lock Troubleshooting
  • Delegate access to User/Group for User Management
  • Performing Mapped Drive using Group Policy
  • Control Panel Block Policy
  • Group Policy Troubleshooting steps

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about ADC, RODC, Site and Subnet and replications

  • Need of Additional Domain Controller(ADC) & Creation of ADC
  • Multi-Master Replication Between DC & ADC
  • Understanding of RODC(Read Only Domain Controller)
  • Replication Between DC & ADC
  • Checking ADC when DC is down
  • Creation of Site & Subnet
  • Understanding of Replication Schedule
  • Replication Between Domain Controllers(DC & ADC)
  • Intra-Site & Inter-Site Replication
  • Understanding of IFM(Install From Media)
  • Working of KCC & Selection of Bridgehead Server

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about FSMO Roles, how to Transfer the role, how to perform Seizure of roles and understand partition in Active Directory Database

  • Importance of Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) Roles
  • Understanding Forest level and Domain Level Roles
  • Deep Dive into the working of each Role
  • Perform Transfer of Schema Master, DNM Master
  • Perform Transfer of RID , PDC, Infra Master Operations
  • Impact on Domain when Role Holder DC is Down
  • Perform FSMO Role Seizure
  • Active Directory Database Partition
  • Understanding of Schema & Configuration Partition
  • Understanding of Domain & Application Partition

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about creation of Multi-Domain and Multi-Forest Structure, Importance of Groups and Global Catalog

  • Need of Child Domain & Creation of Child Domain
  • Understanding of Multi-Domain Environments
  • Adding New Domain to Existing Forest
  • Understanding DNS Delegation & Forwarders
  • Understanding of Multi-Forest Environments
  • Creation of Trust between 2 Forest
  • Type of Trust and Nature of Trust
  • Type of Groups in Active Directory
  • Security & Distribution Group
  • Global, Domain Local & Universal Group
  • Understanding of Global Catalog Server

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn about DNS, Disaster Recovery Mechanism and Backup of AD

  • Need of DNS & Active Directory Integrated DNS
  • Host File, DNS Cache & DNS Zone
  • DNS Forwarders, Delegation, Stub Zone  & Conditional Forwarders
  • DNS A record, SRV Record , CNAME Record
  • Recovering Active Directory from Disaster
  • Active Directory Recycle Bin
  • System State Backup of Domain Controller

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn the steps to configure DFS, DHCP

  • Installing DFS Role on the Server
  • DFS Namespace & Replication
  • How SYSVOL Replication Works
  • Installing DHCP Role on the Server
  • How DHCP Works
  • Understanding of APIPA & DORA Process
  • Configure Scope, Exclusion, Lease, Reservation in DHCP
  • Understanding of Windows Deployment  Service (WDS)

Learning Objective: In this Module you will learn the importance of Webserver, RAID and other Virtualization Technologies

  • Installing IIS Role on the Server
  • Creation of Website
  • Performing DNS Round Robin
  • Understanding of Load Balancer
  • Need of Redundant Array of Independent Disk(RAID)
  • Configure RAID 0 – Stripping , RAID 1 – Mirroring, RAID 5 – Strip Parity
  • Understanding RAID 10 – Strip Mirror
  • Understanding & Need of Virtualization Technologies

Learning Objective: In this Module you will create File Server Cluster and perform Failover of Cluster, Understand the need of certificate and Create Certificate Server

  • Need of Failover Cluster
  • Installing Failover Cluster (FOC) Role on the Server
  • Creation of SAN & ISCSI Disk
  • Perform Failover Cluster
  • Installing Active Directory Certificate Service(ADCS) Role on the Server
  • Creation of Certificate Server
  • Enterprise & Standalone CA
  • Creation of Domain Certificate using CA
  • Applying Certificate to the Webserver

Learning Objective: In this Module you will Migrate Active Directory Environment from 2012 to 2022, learn the technique to search job in the market and the tips to prepare a successful resume & Knowledge on some free AD Tools will be shared with you

  • Understand the Need of Migration
  • Migrate Active Directory Domain from 2012 to 2022
  • Perform the Check after Successful Migration
  • Upgrade Forest & Domain Functional Levels
  • Resume Preparation and Interview Preparation Techniques

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    MCSE / MCSA Course Projects Covered
    Creation of Domain Controller by installing Active Directory Service
    Read More
    • Take a Windows Server
    • Install Active Directory Service
    • Promote the Server as Domain Controller
    • Check the service in Domain Controller
    Creation of User/Group/OU in Active Directory
    Read More
    • Create a User in AD
    • Create a Group and Move User in Group
    • Create a OU and Move User/Group in OU
    Group Policy Implementation in Active Directory
    Read More
    • Create Wallpaper Policy
    • Create Audio Block Policy
    • Create Screen Saver Policy
    • Software Installation via Group Policy
    • Drive Map using Group Policy
    • Control Panel Prohibit using Group Policy
    • Account Lock Policy
    • Password Policy
    Design a Highly Available Domain Environment using Additional Domain Controller
    Read More
    • Take a Server
    • Install Active Directory Service Role
    • Create a Additional Domain Controller
    • Create Site and Subnet
    • Check Replication between DC & ADC
    Performing FSMO Role Transfer and Seize
    Read More
    • Transfer Schema Master & Domain Naming Master Role
    • Transfer RID, PDC, Infrastructure Master Role
    • Check after Role Transfer
    • Seize FSMO Role
    • Check after Role Seizure
    Creating a Multi Domain Forest and Trust
    Read More
    • Take a Server
    • Install Active Directory Service Role
    • Create a Child Domain
    • Check the Trust Created
    Undestanding Domain Naming System (DNS) in Depth
    Read More
    • Create A Record
    • Create CNAME Record
    • Flush DNS cache
    • Create a Forwarder
    • Create a Conditional Forwarder
    • Check Delegation
    Deploying Web Servers and Performing Load Balancing across them
    Read More
    • Take two Server
    • Install IIS Role
    • Create a Load Balancer
    • Attach both Server to Load Balancer
    • See Load Balancing in Action
    Migration of Active Directory environment from 2012 to 2016
    Read More
    • Take a Server 2022
    • Make 2022 Server as ADC
    • Transfer all roles to 2022 Server ADC
    • Transfer DNS Forwarder from 2012 Server to 2022 Server
    • Demote the 2012 Server
    • Upgrade Forest and Domain Functional Levels
    • Peform the Check after MIgration
    Creating a Highly Available File Server Application using Failover Cluster
    Read More
    • Take two Server
    • Install Failover Cluster Role
    • Install File Server Role
    • Create a quorum disk
    • See Failover Cluster in Action
    Our MCSE Course Trained Students
    MCSE Course Testimonials & Reviews
    Sumit Kori
    Sumit Kori
    Read More
    This is Sumit Kori. Have completed MCSE Online course. I truly believe this wasn't imagine that such a course can be managed online. The lecture and practical lab is based on actual production environment. Thanks a ton to Zameer sir and Attari classes.
    Sri Azhagar
    Sri AzhagarBoeing India Private Limited
    Read More
    I did a MCSE course in attari, I am happy with the training classes. Zameer sir shares the best practices and he is more accessible to solve each doubts.There will be labs on virtually the concepts too which helps me to understand easily and professionally. Hoping to get placed in a good company. 🤞
    Javed Akhtar
    Javed AkhtarThales Gulf
    Read More
    I’ve really enjoyed MCSE and CCNA online training program from Attari Classes. The Trainer Zameer Sir clearing doubts on very easy way with production experience and live hands on practical, its help me a lot to boost my IT skills, The LMS system is so amazing feature of Classes. Thank you so much once again for such knowledgeable online training.
    Amol Avere
    Amol Avere
    Read More
    I had joined MCSE online class in Attari classes and the overall experience was more than wonderful. All topics w ere industry-oriented and with the latest technology being used in the production environment. I had an amazing experience attending online interactive classes. Thanks to Zameer sir and the entire Attari classes team for everything.
    Sammy Sk
    Sammy Sk
    Read More
    I have completed MCSE training online from the comfort of my home. This period has forced everybody to switch to online mode, but there is no hassle as Attari classes have created a perfect online lecture/practical mode. To mention the trainer - Mr. Zameer Sir, the most patient, helpful and joyous trainer. No matter whatever and how much ever the queries are, they are resolved patiently by the trainer. The beautiful and understandable way of explaining things by drawing diagrams and figures helps us imagine the situation and understanding well instead of just reading theory. Also the LMS - Learning management system portal online grants us unlimited access to the theoretical and training videos, which can be used anytime to revise those topics at our convenience. All in all it have been a really good experience. Even the support team of classes have helped me in guidance and better understanding of the course and career path. Thank you Attari classes and Zameer Sir for your sincere hardwork. Shall repay you by getting a good job ahead and spreading the word. 👍🏻
    sagar tekawade
    sagar tekawade
    Read More
    I joined MCSE online after too many research , I am from Pune but i dont found good institute in Pune , and i found Attari class details from Internet only . I attend demo session and found good. Even MCSE online session it is due to good Lab setup for online classes, we student don't find any issue to do hands-on on it. very much good learning experience it was. i will join Azure class soon.. Special thanks to Zameer Sir , very good Trainer i ever seen. Without irritation he took many remote session of all the students to sort out the issues/queries. Thank you
    Ashutosh K
    Ashutosh KReliance Jio Infocomm Ltd
    Read More
    its good experience overall thank you zameer sir and maqsood sir for online training i am doing MCSE online Course its great to know about MCSE technology via Online training and the lecture & practical lab is based on actual production environments also study via LMS is very good Thank You Attari Classes ,Zameer Sir & Maqsood Sir
    Qayoum Sharpyade
    Qayoum Sharpyade
    Read More
    MCSE Training. Zameer is one of the best trainer have come across, LAB is something which unique feature where Trainer shows and walkthrough of the topic and takes you step by step in each configuration whenever you are stuck. Notes are shared which are helpful to revise whenever needed. Trainer extended the session for two weeks more and did not rush in finish the batch is something really appreciated. You can reach out to Trainer (zameer) whenever you need assistance or doubles he is always there to answer and help all students. I am satisfied with his teachings style, knowledge, live practical sessions most important and unique... Thank you sir for your great support.
    MCSE Training Batch Schedule
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    26th NOV
    SAT & SUN (5 WEEKS) Upcoming Weekend Batch
    1:30 PM to 5:30 PM (IST)
    20th SEP
    MON to FRI (6 WEEKS) Batch Started
    8:30 PM to 10:30 PM (IST)

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    Frequently Asked Questions About MCSE / MCSA Training

    MCSE / MCSA training certification in Kolkata is ideal for IT professionals wanting to become MCSE / MCSA certified.

    You will receive an MCSE / MCSE certification in Kolkata once you complete the course through Attari Classes.

    Our training prepares you to pass MCSE / MCSA, we provide you with practice test so that you get idea on exam question pattern and easily pass the MCSE / MCSA exam in Kolkata.

    As Kolkata software industry is notably increasing in adopting new trends, obviously IT companies opt virtualization. So proportionately there will be a huge requirement for MCSE / MCSA certified professionals.

    Attari Classes is one of the best learning platforms, we make you Job ready. Since there is a big demand for IT professionals, as opening arises lots of recruitment firms and our ex-students contact us, we help our students who are looking for job to connect to prospective employers. We also help our students prepare their resumes and provide assistance for interview preparation, if you go through the course diligently you will be in a very good position to crack the interviews yourself and find a well-paid job, matching your profile.

    Attari Classes offer cloud computing or web service training to interested people, so there is no doubt that we provide MCSE / MCSA certification in Kolkata to beginners.

    By contacting us or filling out an inquiry form, we can assist you with the MCSE / MCSA certification cost in Kolkata. You can pay by debit card, credit card, netbanking, and UPI.

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