Points you can add to your resume after taking azure training in Attari Classes

Important points to highlight in your resume after taking Azure training in Attari Classes

Points you can add to your resume after taking azure training in Attari Classes

 1.  Managing Management Group, Subscription, and Resource Groups.

 2. Creating  Virtual Network(VNet) & Subnet.

 3. Creating Virtual Machine in Availability Set and Availability Zone.

 4. Resizing  Virtual Machine Size.

 5. Configuring Network Security Groups (NSG).

 6. Configuring UDR in Route Table.

 7. Configuring Azure Bastion.

 8. Configuring email and SMS alerts using Azure Monitor Service.

 9. Taking Virtual Machine Backup using Snapshots and Azure Backup Service.

 10. Creating Custom Virtual Machine  Images. 

 11. Resizing and Adding Disk of Azure Virtual Machine.

 12. Configuring Azure Locks.

 13. Performing VNet Peering in the same region and different regions.

 14. Plan Cost Saving in Azure using Budget, Reserve Instance & Spot VM. 

 15. Implementation of IaaS and PaaS.

 16. Configuring Load Balancers and attaching Virtual Machine under it for Load Balancing.

 17. Configuration of Traffic Manager for different scenarios like DR, Latency, or Weighted.

 18. Using NAT Gateway to provide outbound Internet access to the Server.

 19. Creating a Container and Uploading a file in the Azure Storage Account.

 20. Configuring File Share & Content Delivery Network(CDN). 

 21. Creating and Managing DNS records in Global DNS.

 22. Configuring VM Scale Set/Auto Scaling as Per Requirement. 

 23. Plan Disaster Recovery/Site Recovery in Azure.

 24. Selecting Proper Support Plan and Follow up with Azure Support for billing and technical issues.

 25. Creating a Virtual Machine using Powershell Commands.

 26. User creations and Groups in Microsoft Entra ID. 

 27. Using the IAM and Role Base Access Controls(RBAC) to assign appropriate permission to the user.

 28. Implementation of Azure Policies.

 29. Implement Azure VPN Gateway (Site-to-Site VPN) & Azure Express Route. 

 30. Connect on Premises AD with Microsoft Entra ID  using AD Connect and Achieve SSO.  

 31. Migration of On-Premises Server to Azure Cloud.

 32. Knowledge of Docker, Containers, and Kubernetes.

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  1. Don’t just copy-paste as it is, modify points as per your actual Skills and mention other related skills that you have or you are working
  2. If all students copy the same points, the interviewer might get the same resume from several people, So MODIFY or RE-PHRASE the above POINTS as per the requirement in your CV
  3. Make sure whatever points you have mentioned in your Resume, you are 100% aware of (and it’s good if you have Hands-on experience at least in LAB)

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