Points you can add to your resume after taking aws training in Attari Classes

Important points to highlight in your resume after taking AWS training in Attari Classes

Points you can add to your resume after taking aws training in Attari Classes

 1. Working on Default VPC. 

2. Creating Custom VPC and subnets as per requirement.

 3. Launching on-demand EC2 instances.

 4. Reserved Instances, Saving Plans, and Spot Instances to save cost based on requirements

 5. Assigning Elastic Ips to EC2.

 6. Changing EC2 families if needed.

 7. Using Placement groups to keep EC2 separate or together.

 8. Extending EBS volumes when required.

 9. Encrypting EBS volume.

 10. Scheduling Snapshot of EBS volume for Disaster Recovery in the same or another region.

 11. Sharing Snapshot along with Encryption key.

 12. Configuring NACL, SG, and Route Table as per requirement.

 13. Using the IAM service to create roles and give permission to the user.

 14. Peering VPC across regions to establish connectivity between servers in different VPC.

 15. Using NAT Gateway/NAT Instance to provide Internet access to Database Server without direct exposure to the Internet.

 16. Creating Custom AMI.

 17. Configuring Elastic Load Balancers & attaching EC2 instances under it for Load Balancing of Web Servers.

 18. Elastic Load Balancer integration with Auto Scaling feature. 

 19. Uploading files in S3 bucket. 

 20. Hosting static Webistes on S3.

 21. Saving Cloud Trail logs to S3.

 22. Creating and Managing DNS records in Route 53 Hosted Zones.

 23. Using Route 53 for routing traffic using different policies of routing like Latency or Weighted.

 24. Configuring Multi-AZ, RDS environment, and testing failover.

 25. Configuring email alerts using SNS service.

 26. Integration of On-premises Active Directory using AD connect service of AWS for Single sign-on.

 27. Knowledge of Connecting on-premises data centers to AWS Cloud via VPN or Direct Connect.

 28. Knowledge of other services like Dynamo DB, SQS, Cloud Formation, Cloud Front, Redshift, Kinesis, Lambda, etc.

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  1. Don’t just copy-paste as it is, modify points as per your actual Skills and mention other related skills that you have or you are working
  2. If all students copy the same points, the interviewer might get the same resume from several people, So MODIFY or RE-PHRASE the above POINTS as per the requirement in your CV
  3. Make sure whatever points you have mentioned in your Resume, you are 100% aware of (and it’s good if you have Hands-on experience at least in LAB)

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