Points you can add to your resume after taking vmware training in Attari Classes

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Important points to highlight in your resume after taking VMware training in Attari Classes

Points you can add to your resume after taking vmware training

1. ESXi Server installation.

2. Configuration of IP address and Hostname on ESXi host via DCU.

3. Deploying vCenter.

4. Adding and Managing ESXi host in vCenter.

5. Creating and Managing Virtual Machines.

6. Installing VMware tools on VM.

7. Modifying Virtual Machine RAM/CPU/HDD using Hot add feature

8. Deploying VM using VM Template.

9. Taking Snapshots of VM when required.

10. Configuration of Virtual Networking like VM port group, VM kere, etc.

11. Creating and Applying Host Profiles.

12. Creating roles and assigning permission to users in vCenter.

13. Creating a new Datastore on the ESXi host by Formatting SAN LUNs.

14. Mounting NFS volume on ESXi host of NAS Storage.

15. Setting up Features like vMotion/ SVmotion, High Availability, DRS, and SDRS

16. Configuring FT on a critical server.

17. Scheduling Backup of vCenter via VAMI.

18, Upgrading vCenter Server.

19. Upgrading and patching ESXi Host using Baseline in Life Cycle Manager.

20. Configuring Distributed Switch and Migrated VMkernel from Standard Switch to Distributed Switch.


1. Don't just copy-paste as it is, modify points as per your actual Skills and mention other related skills that you have or you are working

2. If all students copy the same points, the interviewer might get the same resume from several people, So MODIFY or RE-PHRASE the above POINTS as per the requirement in your CV

3. Make sure whatever points you have mentioned in your Resume, you are 100% aware of (and it's good if you have Hands-on experience at least in LAB)


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