How to Set Up and Configure Failover Cluster in Microsoft Windows Server?

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Windows server operating systems have a feature called Failover Clustering. For high availability and easier management of data and applications, itis a software solution that enables the connection of two servers (up to four servers in the Datacenter Server) into a cluster

What is Windows Server Failover clustering?​

Windows Server Failover cluster (WSFC) are groups of independent connected computers to increase the availability and capacity of clustered roles (formerly known as clustered services and applications). Physical cables and software are needed to connect the clustered servers (called nodes). If one or more cluster nodes fail (a process known as failover), other nodes provide service. They are also actively monitored to ensure that clustered roles are functioning correctly. If any nodes are not working, they are restarted or moved.

In This Blog We Will Show You Step By Step How To Install Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster

Install Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) and File Server Role in server 1 and server 2​

Add a 2 hard Disk of 10 GB in DC

Create RAID in DC

Install ISCSI Role in DC

Click on To Create​

Create new 5Gb storage HDD​

Click on Existing instead of new​

Click On Create​

Now disk are create one of 1Gb and other of 5 Gb

Go to server 1 and 2 and goto tool --> iscsi initatiator

In target type below IP and click on quick connect

Click on volume and device and click on auto configure​

Click on volume and device and click on auto configure​

You will see both drives

Goto server 1 and Validate​

Click on browse and type IP of Server​

Now click on create cluster and add only server 1​

Click on add node and add server 2​

Add witness disk​

Right Click on Add Role​

Click on Add file share​

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