How to Install And Configure Windows Server Distributed File System (DFS)

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Using a Common File System, the Distributed File System (DFS) allows users of physically distributed systems to share their data and resources. Local Area Networks (LANs) connect workstations and mainframes over a Distributed File System (DFS).

What is Microsoft Windows DFS?​

Microsoft Windows DFS is an open standard that lets organizations with Microsoft Windows servers synchronize many distributed SMB shares into one distributed file system. In terms of DFS itself, there are two main components: Location transparency (via the namespace component) and redundancy (via the file replication component). Data can be logically grouped into a single folder, the "DFS root," in case of failures or heavy loads.

Below are the steps which you can follow for Microsoft Windows DFS​

First share the folder on both the server

On Both Server Install DFS

Goto Server 1 , Tools --> DFS Management and Right click--> New Name space​

Enter host name like server1​

Give a common name​

Select Domain Based​

Click Create​

Click Close​

Go to Namespace --> New Folder​

Click on New Folder, add sales Mumbai folder​

Goto server 2, Add namespace to display

Click on New folder​

Add Sales Pune​

From PC we can see both shared folder in one shared folder​


Create a Folder named as Backup Mumbai

Go to DC – New replication Group

Select Multipurpose​

Give Name like Backup Mumbai​

Add the DFS Server like server 1 and server 2​

Select full mesh​

Select the Server from where u want to copy data​

Locate the backup folder path​

Add the destination server, click on edit​

Enable and show the path​

Create some file in backup Mumbai folder and same will be replicated to backup of Mumbai folder​

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