How to Create and Configure Windows Active Directory Sites and Subnets?

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In ADDS; sites display the physical topology of your company’s network by combining domain controllers and clients. Each zone can be bound to several TCP/IP subnets, so clients can quickly locate the Active Directory domain controller closest to them.

What is Active Directory Sites And Subnets?​

A SUCCESSFUL NETWORK has mainly two topologies. Physical topology explains how the network is laid out, including the topology of networks, the placement of hardware, and a list of IP addresses. The other type of topology identifies the network services and security boundaries. Sites and subnets represent the physical topology in an active directory-based setup.

In This Blog We Will Show You How To Create New Site And Subnet Step By Step​


Step1 <--> Create Site​

Step2 <--> Create Subnet​

Step3 <--> Move Mumbai DC to Mumbai Site and Move Pune ADC to Pune Site​

Step4 <--> Create Site Link​

Set cost to 50 and Replication Interval to 15​

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