Azure Locks Protects Azure Resources From Accidental Deletion

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A resource lock on Azure cloud resources enables you to restrict changes to production environment when modifying or deleting a resource would have a significant impact. Using Azure Locks you can lock a subscription, resource group, or individual resource level

Azure Locks

What is Azure Locks?

Azure Resource Locks are very beneficial when you want to prevent accidental deletion and modifications in Azure environment

You can apply Azure Locks at Azure subscription, resource group, or individual resource level

Before applying the Azure Resource Locks it is important to understand the concept of inheritance in Azure Locks which means when you apply a lock at a parent scope, all resources within that scope inherit the same lock and even resources you add later inherit the same lock from the parent.

For example when you apply a lock to a resource group, all resources in that resource group will be locked, including any resources created in future will be locked

There are 2 types of Azure Locks

Read-Only: - This Locks means authorized users can only read the resource, but they cannot delete or modify the resource. This lock prevent modification and deletion

Delete: - This Locks means authorized users can read and modify a resource, but they can't delete it. This lock prevent deletion only


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