A Guide to DHCP Server Installation And Configuration

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A Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) automates the process of configuring devices on IP networks, allowing them to take advantage of network services such as DNS, NTP, and communications protocols based on TCP or UDP.

What is DHCP server?​

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a client/server protocol that automatically assigns IP addresses and other configuration information to a host connected to the internet.

Follow the below steps to install and configure DHCP​

Open Server Manager: Click the start button --> then click the Server Manager.

Install DHCP SERVER Role in Windows DHCP Server

After installation click on complete DHCP configuration​

Click on Specify and Enter the Administrator credentials​

Click on New scope​

Now our PC has got below IP

Define A Exclusion​

Check in address lease to see the lease time and MAC address​


From Address lease you reserve the IP​


Right click on scope --> display statistics​

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