VMware Training Certification Course in Indonesia

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Our VMware online training courses in Indonesia prepare you for the vSphere VCP 8 exam. You will learn how to architect and deploy vSphere 8 servers at Attari Classes. In this course, you will learn about ESXi, vCenter, vMotion, SVMotion HA, DRS, and FT, among other topics. With VMware components, you can create fault-tolerant and highly available designs. The VMware professionals will provide mentorship to you. Enroll in this VMware VCP course in Indonesia today to kick start your career.

VMware Training Key Features

Instructor led live Training

Hands-on Practical Training

Trainer Support on WhatsApp

Recorded lectures on LMS

Access to Learning Portal

Certificate from Attari classes

Access to forum for new Job Openings

Support Desk for Training & Certification

VMware Certification Course Overview

  • Take your VMware Skills to the next level with VMware learning from the Industry Experts.
  • This VMware Virtualization certification training will help you to be VMware certified professional (VCP)
  • You will learn skills such as how to Install ESXi, Manage Data Center using vCenter, Perform Live migration of Servers and Storage, configure High availabiliy and Auto Load balancing of server, Configure Virtual Networking and Storage and much more by performing hands-on practical’s with the trainer,
  • You will also learn the best practices to be followed while working on VMware projects in the industry.
  • Achieving a VMware certification can boost your confidence in your skills and job performance, leading to increased job satisfaction.
  • VMware certifications can give you a competitive edge in a crowded job market. They can help you stand out among other candidates, especially when applying for virtualization or cloud-related roles.
  • Advantages of VMware Learning in Indonesia

    VMware Virtualization is one of the fastest-growing areas of IT and vSphere 8 is a proven and reliable Data Center Virtualization(VCP-DCV) platform, which is used by hundreds of thousands of customers. Learning skills that are in demand is a win/win scenario. VMware learning skills will leverage your existing experience with networking and/or servers, and build on that as you implement and manage virtualized environments.

  • Who Should go for VMware Virtualization Training in Indonesia?

    System Administrators having understanding/exposure of Microsoft Windows Server or Linux Server operating systems

  • How will VMware vSphere Course help you in career?

    VCP-DCV 8 is a reliable and robust virtualization platform, having skill on vSphere can help you in getting good opportunities in today’s market

  • VMware VCP 8 Classes Syllabus

  • Module 1:- Basic of vSphere & Virtulization
    • Introduction to VMware vSphere 8 Data Center (VCP-DCV) Server Virtualization
    • Storage Virtualization
    • Network Virtualization
  • Module 2:- Installing ESXi & Deploying vCenter Server
    • What is vSphere, ESXi & vCenter.
    • vSphere Hypervisor(Free Version).
    • Support & Upgrade of ESXi Free Version.
    • Downloading, Installing & Configuring ESXi7.
    • How to Download ESXi & vCenter 60 days Trial from VMware Website ESXi free version Support & Upgrade.
    • Installing ESXi & DNS | Deploying VCSA-Stage1.
    • Configuring VCSA-Stage2.
  • Module 3:- Configuring vCenter
    • How to configure vCenter.
    • Create Cluster & Folders.
    • Add Host.
    • Creating Datacenter. 
    • ESXi Maintenance Mode.
  • Module 4:- Licensing/Pricing of vSphere & vCenter
    • vSphere & vCenter Licensing
    • Assigning License to ESXi & vCenter
    • vSphere & vCenter Pricing
    • vSphere kits Licensing & Pricing
  • Module 5:- VM Creation & Modification
    • Create VM with Hot Add enabled
    • Methods of mounting ISO image to boot the VM
    • VM tools Installation
    • Hot Add of RAM, CPU & HDD
    • Hot Extend of HDD
    • Register/Unregister VM
  • Module 6:- Basics of Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Computing- IaaS, SaaS, PaaS
    • How Server is Created in AWS Cloud
    • Cloud is backbone of Virtualization
  • Module 7:- Templates, Cloning, Snapshot & Content Library
    • Exporting & Deploying OVF Template
    • Converting VM to Template
    • Creating Content Library
    • Adding ISO images and Templates in Content Library
    • VM files extension
    • Cloning Options
    • Guest OS Customization
    • Suspended State of VM
    • Difference between Backup & Snapshot
    • Creating, Managing & Deleting Snapshot
  • Module 8:- vSphere Security & Host Profile
    • Basics of vSphere Security
    • Adding AD Domain to SSO
    • Assigning permission to SSO user and AD user
    • Creating Roles
    • Creating and Applying Host Profiles
    • Reset ESXi root password using Host profile
    • Exporting & Importing Host Profile
  • Module 9:- vSphere Networking
    • vSphere Virtual Networking Terminologies
    • Discussion on Standard Switch
    • Virtual Machine Port Group & VMkernel Network Adapter
    • Creating Virtual Machine Port Group, VMkernel Network Adapter & Standard Switch
    • Adding/Removing vmnic on vSwitch
    • NIC Teaming & Active/Passive Failover testing
    • vSphere Advance Networking Scenarios
    • VLAN Tagging
    • Trunk Ports
    • Seperating vMotion and FT Traffic
  • Module 10:- vSphere Storage
    • Datastore Concepts
    • Shared Storage
    • SAN vs NAS
    • VMFS and NFS
    • FC & iSCSI SAN
    • Thin Disk, Thick Lazy Disk & Thick Eager Disk
    • Basics of HCI-Hyper Converged Infrastructure
    • Formatting Local Storage as VMFS
    • Adding iSCSI SAN to ESXi host and Formatting as VMFS
    • Mounting NFS storage on ESXi host
  • Module 11:- vMotion & SVMotion
    • Live Storage Migration using SVMotion
    • Live Server Migration using vMotion
    • Live Server & Storage Migration without Shared Storage (vMotion+SVMotion)
  • Module 12:- DRS & SDRS
    • Load Balancing across ESXi hosts using DRS
    • Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC)
    • Automation Levels in DRS
    • DRS Rules to keep VM Separate & Together
    • DRS rule VM to Host
    • Power Saving using DPM
    • Load Balancing across Datastore using SVMotion
    • Automation levels in SDRS
    • SDRS VM Affinity & vmdk Anti-Affinity rules
    • Overriding SDRS cluster Setting for vmdk anti-affinity rule
  • Module 13:- High Availability & Fault Tolerance
    • Requirements & Licensing for High Availability(HA)
    • Election of Master & Slave Host
    • Configuring & Testing HA
    • Primary & Secondary VM in FT
    • Configuring & Testing Fault Tolerance
  • Module 14:- vSphere Distributed Switch
    • Creating Distributed Switch
    • Adding ESXi Host to dvSwitch
    • Migrating all VMs & VMkernel to dvSwitch
    • Migration from Standard to Distributed switch
  • Module 15:- P2V Conversion, Backup of vCenter & Update Manager
    • P2V/ V2V using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone
    • Taking Backup of vCenter and Restoring Stage 1
    • Taking Backup of vCenter and Restoring Stage 2
    • Using VMware Lifecycle Manger to Upgrade and Patch ESXi host
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    FAQs on VMware VCP Training & Certification

  • Who should go for VMware VCP course in Indonesia?

      This online VMware VCP training certification course is ideal for administrators and engineers, system administrators looking to expand into VMware, IT professionals.

  • Which VMware certificate is best in Indonesia?

      There are many ways in Indonesia that you can get the certificate from either online/offline mode. Contact Attari Classes to learn about the VMware course in more detail 

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the VMware course in Indonesia?

      You will receive an VMware certification in Mumbai once you complete the course. through Attari Classes. 

  • Is it possible for a beginner to get an VMware certification in Indonesia?

      Attari classes offer cloud computing or web service training to interested people, so there is no doubt that we provide VMware certification in Indonesia to beginners. 

  • What is the cost of VMware training in Indonesia? What are the payment options?

      We can help you with the VMware certification cost in Indonesia by contacting us or filing out an inquiry form. Payments can be made by debit card, credit card, net banking, and UPI

  • Does Attari Classes offers placement in Indonesia after VCP course completion?

      Attari Classes is one of the best learning platforms, we make you Job ready. Since there is a big demand for IT professionals, as opening arises lots of recruitment firms and our ex-students contact us, we help our students who are looking for job to connect to prospective employers. We also help our students prepare their resumes and provide assistance for interview preparation, if you go through the course diligently you will be in a very good position to crack the interviews yourself and find a well-paid job, matching your profile.

  • How difficult is to pass Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV) exam in Indonesia?

      VMware training at Atari Classes prepares you to pass VMware vSphere 8 practical exam in Mumbai, we provide you with practice test so that you get idea on exam question pattern and easily pass the VMware Exam.

  • What is the VMware market trend in Indonesia?

      As in Indonesia software industry is notably increasing in adopting new trends, obviously IT companies opt virtualization. So proportionately there will be a huge requirement for VMware certified professionals. 

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