What is Active Directory?

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Microsoft's Active Directory service is designed to manage Windows domain networks. Windows Active Directory stores information about objects on the network and makes this information easy for administrators and users to find and use.

What Is Active Directory?

Microsoft Windows Active Directory (AD) was introduced in 1999. 

Windows Active Directory authenticates and authorizes all computers and users in a Windows domain network.

The server in which the active directory service is installed is known as “Domain Controller”.

Domain controllers manages Windows domain.

Domain is a collection of Objects. There are several objects, including users, groups, applications, and devices such as printers.

Data is stored as objects in Active Directory. 

The Hierarchical Structure Of Active Directory Domain Services​

As described below, Windows Active Directory Domain Services organizes data into domains, trees, and forests.

Domains: A domain is a collection of objects such as users, groups, and computers in the same AD database. For example yourdomain.com.

Trees: They are a group of domains arranged logically and related, meaning they trust one another.

Forest: A forest is the highest organizational level within AD and consists of trees. The trees in the forest can also trust each other, and they can also share information and configurations such as directory schemas, catalogs, and application information.

Organizational Units: They are used to organize users, groups, computers, and other aspects of an organization.

Why Is Microsoft Active Directory So Important?​

Microsoft Active Directory helps you manage users, computers, and devices in your organization. The one who handles Active Directory is known as the system administrator.
Windows Active Directory (AD) regulates company devices and users' password policies, account privileges, and software management. Since it opens the door to all the company's accesses, its protection must be treated as of utmost importance.

Directory services should be robust enough to enable you to assign users access to resources and revoke it rapidly. Grouping users should also be possible to access different types of applications, files, and networks. It is because of these capabilities that Active Directory is so important.

Benefits Of Windows Active Directory​

  1. Active Directory provides administrators with a single point of management and security of network resources and associated security objects.
  2. Singular sign-on for access to global resources - Active Directory permits network resources on any server within a domain through a single sign-on.
  3. Location of resources simplified - Active Directory simplifies the location of resources by allowing files and print resources in the network. Active Directory's object publishing feature will enable users to securely access network resources by searching for the desired source in the Active Directory database.

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